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Making Strides & Making a Difference!

Nilanjo! was founded on a dream and is maintained by the team. Every effort is a group effort, perfectly executed to insure success. Nilanjo! Fashion Entertainment is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage, empower and inspire our community by generating awareness for women, children and health based charities. We are devoted to making a difference in the community. We provide quality, family friendly events that benefit a variety of charities and initiatives nationwide as well as within our city and surrounding areas.

The Founder, Nika Hollingsworth

Nika Hollingsworth is the Founder, Fashion Designer & Event Coordinator for Nilanjo! Fashion Entertainment manages all aspects of each fashion show production as well as writes and distributes Nilanjo's online blog. The primary goal of this establishment is to use fashion to encourage, empower and inspire women of all sizes (and ages) to love themselves and to help promote positive self esteem. That includes opening our runway to those varying sizes and ages despite how taboo the fashion industry sees it.


Nika also produces a variety of fundraisers, mixers, networking and listening parties and open MIC events. She has been featured as a vendor, guest fashion designer, stylist and has sponsored events throughout the community. A proud mother, loving wife, and a business woman---Nika is determined to change the world's perception of beauty, one runway at a time!


Pride in Our Work

Nilanjo! specializes in innovative design, fun fashion, and custom made creations for all.. We take pride in our unique structure and can guarantee that our showcases confirm that we are anything but typical. We use our events to bridge community, small business enterprise and charitable giving.

Representation for All

Nilanjo! models truly represent all sizes and are everyday people of all ages, whether students, parents, or your average working class individuals. We have expanded our runway to be even more inclusive with the introduction of men and unisex products and representation on our runway. We are here to inspire; not intimidate.

Our Mission Continues

The primary goal of this establishment is to use fashion to encourage, empower and inspire positive self image and provide ongoing support to our community and support initiatives that support growth and resources to safe and healthy living. We will continue to work to generate awareness for feature causes.

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